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New report chronicles Ivorian media and political crisis

(MFWA/IFEX) - The political history of Côte d'lvoire during the past decade has been characterised by conflicts that have often led to the loss of lives, displacement of persons and destruction of property. The most recent such crisis was in 2010, when the post-election dispute left many dead. In all these crises, what has been the role of the Ivorian media and how have the crises impacted on the media?

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), with funding from the International Media Support (IMS), a Danish NGO, has put together this publication which highlights the media's role in the political crisis and the impact of the crisis on the media. The 62-page book, authored by Zio Moussa, a journalist and media expert, traces the development and role of the media from independence to present times.

Read the report:
cote_d'ivoire_mfwa_report_en.pdf (383 KB)

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