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Newspaper publisher released after five days in detention

(JED/IFEX) - Phambu Lutete, publisher of the Kinshasa-based bi-weekly newspaper "La Tolérance", was granted a provisional release on 11 May 2007 after five days in detention. The journalist told JED that he paid "bail" of US$50.

Phambu was arrested on 6 May by agents of Kinshasa's Provincial Police Inspection (IPK) before being transferred on 8 May to the Kinshasa/Matete High Court Prosecutor's Office.

The journalist was officially accused of "threatening and attempting to swindle" Pauline Ipelueka, a senior official with Kinshasa's property tax office. Phambu had been preparing an article in which he expressed surprise at Ipeluka's recent appointment to a high-level post, given the fact she has been facing legal proceedings since the beginning of the year.

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