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Journalist summoned for questioning in Kindu

(JED/IFEX) - On 2 June 2009, Claude Kasongo, a reporter with the community broadcaster Maniema Liberté (RTCMALI), based in the town of Kindu, in Maniema province, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, was summoned by the Kindu prosecutor's office to respond to a defamation complaint by Passy Tafunga.

Tafunga, who had appeared in court on 29 May over allegations that she had mysteriously gotten another local girl pregnant, reportedly undressed during the public hearing to offer proof of her gender. In his radio broadcast the following day, Kasongo reported the details of Tafunga's hearing, which prompted her to file a complaint against the journalist.

Kasongo told JED that he did not respond to the summons, fearing he would be arrested if he showed up at the prosecutor's office. He said he believed that the girl had used her connections to silence him.

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