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Mayor's supporters attempt to assault journalist Cléber Barahona

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 7 January 2009, nearly one hundred supporters of the province of Pastaza's mayor, Óscar Ledesma, burst into Radio Mia seeking to assault journalist Cléber Barahona, who was interviewing Ledesma at the time. The mob was expelled quickly by the station's personnel. Pastaza is in eastern Ecuador.

Ledesma's supporters got angry when the journalist asked the mayor about his university degree. Ledesma has signed several public documents with an allegedly false academic degree. The mayor arrogantly refused to answer any questions about the subject. At that moment, the mob entered the radio station. The interview was suspended.

After they were forced to leave, the mayor's supporters wanted to wait for Barahona by the station's door, but the police dispersed them.

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