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Journalist receives death threat

(Fundamedios/IFEX) - On 29 October 2010, Canal Uno TV station journalist Holger Guerrero, who also contributes stories to the on-line newspaper , received a death threat from an unknown individual who blocked his way while he was in his car. Guerrero had criticised on his programme the reaction of the former director of the Police Hospital, César Carrión, during the events of 30 September (the date of the police uprising).

Guerrero said that on the day the incident took place, he was leaving the TV station's headquarters in Quito when he was nearly hit by a car from which unidentified persons shouted "Son of a . . . we're going to kill you". He also denounced that he had received threatening phone calls. The journalist believes this is all related to the comments he made on 30 September on the programme "Hoy en las noticias" in reference to Carrión.

Guerrero - who until recently also worked as a consultant for National Assembly Representative Fernando Bustamante, of the ruling party – testified against Carrión, who is being tried after having been accused of trying to kill President Rafael Correa and denying that he had been kidnapped. In his testimony, Guerrero backed up the president's version of the facts, dismissing the claims made by Carrión in a CNN report.

Guerrero told Fundamedios that he has filed a complaint with the judicial police and the Attorney General's Office. According to the investigation, the vehicle that intercepted him belongs to a security company. "I find this quite interesting, given that 80 or 90 percent of the time, the owners of these companies are former police or military officers," the journalist said.

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