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Newspaper owner attacked by athlete

(Fundamedios/IFEX) - 16 March 2012 - On 12 March 2012, journalist Javier Granados, owner of the weekly paper "La Noticia" from Vinces, a town 330km southwest of Quito, was physically attacked by a famous local athlete.

The journalist identified Samuel Rivera as his attacker. He presumes the reason for the attack was the publication of some gossip in his paper. According to Granados, the alleged attacker burst into the paper's facilities around 19:30 and, after insulting him, started to destroy some of the office furniture and then hit the journalist.

In the accusation filed before the town prosecutor's office, Granados detailed that the Rivera hit him several times and attempted to strangle him, but was stopped by several people who were nearby.

The journalist commented that the weekly has a satirical column called “Flechazos” in which some gossip was published about Rivera, who is part of Ecuador's elite boat racing team.

After the incident, citizens, journalists and even the town mayor condemned the attack.

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