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Journalists beaten by demonstrators opposing Yanacocha mining company activities in Cajamarca region

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 3 April 2008, several journalists were beaten while covering a protest against the Yanacocha mining company in Porcón Bajo, Cajamarca region, northern Peru.

"Panorama Cajamarquino" newspaper journalist Juan Zapata Crisanto, and Radio Líder radio station reporters Hipólito Arroyo Carrera and Antonio Guadaña were struck with sticks by the demonstrators, who also attempted to seize the journalists' cameras and tape recorders. Other journalists fled the area after being threatened. The assaulted journalists sustained minor injuries.

The demonstrators consider the journalists' coverage of their conflict with the mining company to be biased.

The incident took place in the middle of a road within the sight of police officers. The journalists complained that the police witnessed the assault but did nothing to stop it.

IPYS condemns the assault on the journalists. However, it also urges the media to cover social conflicts in an impartial manner.

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