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ARTICLE 19 submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

(ARTICLE 19/IFEX) - 11 April 2012 - In these written comments, ARTICLE 19 focuses on areas of concern related to the exercise of the right to freedom of expression in Guatemala, with a view to clarifying the areas in which Guatemala has failed to comply with its obligations, including the adoption of all necessary measures to make this right effective:

- attacks and threats against journalists, human rights defenders and social communicators for exercising their right to freedom of expression;
- use of the criminal law to restrict freedom of expression;
- failure to promote pluralism and diversity of media;
- failure to give full protection to the right to information;
- lack of regulation of official advertising; and
- highly restrictive media regulations.

To read the full text of ARTICLE 19's submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review, click here.

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