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Journalist receives death threat in Aceh

(AJI/IFEX) - On 27 December 2008, a northern Aceh journalist, Ahmad Hayat Fauzi, reported that he had received a death threat from an anonymous caller in association with an article he wrote in the "Aceh Independent" newspaper about the inappropriate disbursement of cattle and paddy seeds by the local government in Langkahan.

Fauzi suspected that the anonymous caller was a Medan (northern Sumatra)-based journalist who had allegedly received aid destined for the area's population. Fauzi recognised his voice and reported that he had received a warning from the same individual several days earlier.

Fauzi reported the death threat to local police. At present, there is no information about whether the police have acted on the case.

AJI believes that this death threat endangers press freedom in Indonesia and calls on the local police to investigate the threat and take appropriate action.

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