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Nearly one in four women around the world experiences sexual violence in her lifetime, says the World Health Organisation. How should the media report on this tragedy? On 25 November, the International Day on the Elimination of Violence against Women, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) released reporting guidelines on how journalists can better tell the story, while the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) launched a 16-day campaign on gender violence and the media.

"The story of violence against women needs to be told with sensitivity, professionalism and depth," says IFJ. "Too often media choose sensationalism and stereotypes instead of providing realistic, inclusive and accurate reporting of the horrifying scale of this problem."

IFJ outlines 10 steps for reporting on violence against women - from ensuring that accurate, non-judgmental language is used, to treating the survivor with professionalism and respect.

IFJ launched the guidelines at a roundtable on violence against women on 25 November. Read the full report here:

Meanwhile, the Women's International Network of AMARC (AMARC-WIN) is embarking on 16 days of activism against gender violence with a multilingual Internet campaign on gender violence and the media.

The campaign will cover three areas: media as a way to combat violence against women; the way the media sometimes "normalises" violence against women; and violence committed against women media practitioners.

The 16 day-campaign, featuring documentaries, interviews, poetry, music and more, starts on 25 November and ends with International Human rights Day on 10 December.

The campaign will be broadcast at:

Radio stations around the world are invited to download the audio files from the site during the 16 days and broadcast them on their radio stations.

(26 November 2008)

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