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IFEX network grows to 88 members

Nine new members of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) were welcomed this week at the free expression network's general meeting in Oslo, Norway.

“Nine new members sat together and talked excitedly to us about what they hope to gain from joining the IFEX network,” said Anne Game, the IFEX Clearing House's executive director. “The diversity of experience they bring to us can only make us stronger.”

The new convenor, or head of IFEX Council, is Edetaen Ojo of Media Rights Agenda in Nigeria.

IFEX now has 88 members worldwide. The new members are:


The Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) helps to cover an underrepresented area in IFEX, with 200 members in over 20 countries in the Caribbean. ACM trains and networks journalists in the region. Over the past couple of years it has highlighted the issue of government withdrawal of state advertising to major newspapers, and the expulsion of two Caribbean journalists from Antigua and Barbuda - for what ACM believed to be political motives. Look out for a handbook for journalists on covering elections.

Since 2003, the Committee for Free Expression (C-Libre) in Honduras has circulated around 150 free expression alerts across various networks. The coalition of journalists and civil society members working to defend free expression in the small Central American nation have had a lot of work to do of late - radio correspondent Rafael Munguía Ortiz was murdered on a public street in San Pedro Sula this March by a band of contract killers. According to C-Libre, the attack may have been carried out in revenge for Munguía's recent report exposing organised crime's activities in the area - a growing problem in Honduras. Email: clibre (@)

The Latin American Observatory for the Freedom of Expression (OLA) based in Peru brings together free expression news from members in 10 countries, and covers some of the more untraditional communicators, such as artists, cartoonists and TV and radio production staff. Read its daily bulletin, OLA, for the latest violations in Latin America, here:


The Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) in Malaysia is one of the founding partners of the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, focusing on training, media defence and advocacy for journalists in Malaysia. These days, it has been busy campaigning for the overturn of the Internal Security Act (ISA), an anti-terrorism measure that allows for detention without trial.

"Building Courage under Fire": that was the theme of a World Press Freedom Day event in the Pacific co-organised by Pacific Freedom Forum (PFF), a new network of mainly independent media that covers 21 countries in the Pacific. The event was originally meant to take place in Suva, Fiji on 3 May, but Fiji's declaration of emergency rule and an ensuing clampdown on the media actually made holding the event illegal. PFF showed solidarity with the Fijian media by launching a petition calling for an end to the crackdown:


The Exiled Journalists Network (EJN), based in the U.K., is run by and for exiled journalists. It has recently announced plans to create Press Freedom House, a safe house in London modelled after the Maison des Journalistes in Paris, that will give new arrivals temporary accommodation and training - and a chance to adapt to life in the U.K.

London-based Privacy International has been around since 1990, campaigning worldwide to protect people from surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations. PI has published around 30 major research reports, including "Freedom of Information around the World", a survey of freedom of information laws and practices in 70 countries - almost the full list of countries with freedom of information laws on their books.

Public Association of Journalists (PAJ) is IFEX's first member in Kyrgyzstan, and the second in the region. PAJ was a key partner in the pioneering study "Political extremism, terrorism and media in Central Asia", an International Media Support-led project that found there is little linkage between coverage of extremism and a media outlet's motivation to increase audience and revenue.


The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) is the first IFEX member located in the volatile Palestinian Territories and the only group exclusively dedicated to free expression there. During the last Israeli offensive in the Gaza strip, MADA provided excellent coverage of violations committed by the Israeli military, Hamas and Fatah. Visit MADA's website now to watch a new film on free expression.

For more information on any of the new members, contact ifex (@) and visit the newly revamped website at

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