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Call for applicants for Oxford Moot court in defense of freedom of expression

The Programme for Comparative Media Law and Policy at Oxford has announced the publication of the 2010 case for the Monroe E. Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. Students will have four months to research and formulate arguments from both the applicant's and the government's perspective, before submitting the written memorials. The finals take place at Oxford University in March 2010.

The moot court competition is designed to stimulate an interest in media law and policy among students of law and other disciplines who intend to cultivate expertise in arguing a case before an international bench of judges. The international nature of the competition allows students to learn from legal systems different from their own by working on comparative studies and research of regional and international standards to inform their own arguments and writing.

Participants will function in a world where a Universal Court of Human Rights has been established to ensure that citizens of the United Nations are enjoying the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). In this world, the Universal Court replaces all jurisdictions of all other regional courts and becomes the final adjudicator when all national options have been exhausted.

Registration deadline: 30 November 2009.

For more information, please contact Louise Scott at louise.scott (@) or tel: +44 1865 284252.

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