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Female journalists, writers and activists targeted for carrying out their profession in 2009

Asia Pacific

Uma Singh, journalist - Nepal: Attacked, Killed

Manika Jha, journalist - Nepal: Death Threat

Marife "Neneng" Montaño, Lea Dalmacio, Gina Dela Cruz, Marites Cablitas, journalists – The Philippines: Murdered

Marjorie Bandayrel-Trinidad, editor - The Philippines: shot at

Stella Estremera and Virginia "Gigie" Agtay, editor, news editor - The Philippines: Threatened with death

Marlene Esperat , journalist - The Philippines: Continued impunity for murder in 2005

Aung San Suu Kyi, politician – Burma: Under house arrest, silenced

Dileesha Abeysundara, journalist/activist - Sri Lanka: Threatened

Mu Sochua, politician - Cambodia: Insulted, Defamation lawsuit

Varunee Suesatsakulchai, journalist - Thailand: Assaulted, Threatened Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (JAG), activist coalition - Malaysia: Harassed, Intimidated, Charged

Khadija Abdul Qahar (Canada), journalist - Pakistan: Kidnapped (still held)

Malalai Joya, writer/member of parliament - Afghanistan: Threatened with death, Harassed

Esther Tinning, freelancer trainer and journalist – Vanuatu: violently attacked


Maimouna Bah, journalist - Guinea: Detained, Assaulted

Four women journalists - Sierra Leone: Attacked, Abducted, Sexual Violence

Delphie Namuto, Caddy Adzuba, Jolly Kamuntu, journalists - Democratic Republic of Congo: Death threat

Sarata Jabbi-Dibba, journalist - The Gambia: Imprisoned

Lubna Ahmed Al-Hussein, journalist - Sudan: Arrested, Charged, Sentenced/Fined

Amal Habbani, journalist - Sudan: Charged

Philo Ikonya, writer/activist - Kenya: Assaulted, Arrested

Rashidatu Kadiri, Dorcas Oparibea, journalists - Ghana: Assaulted, Banned

Mantoe Phakathi, journalist - Swaziland: Harassed, Barred from covering Parliament

Amanda Lindhout (Canada), journalist - Somalia: Kidnapped

Middle East and North Africa

Rozanna al-Yami, journalist - Saudi Arabia, Sentenced to 60 lashes (later pardoned)

Sihem Bensedrine, Neziha Rejiba, Radhia Nasraoui, Sana Ben Achour and Kadija Cherif, journalists/activists - Tunisia: Assaulted, Arrested, Banned from travel, Threatened, Insulted, Harassed

Fatima Al Riahi (Arabicca), blogger - Tunisia: Detained

Dyala Jwayhan, reporter/photographer and Mais Abu-Ghazaleh , journalist (Palestinians), Israel - attacked

Ghada Jamsheer, journalist/activist - Bahrain: Threatened, Harassed, Censored

Lamees Dhaif, Maryam Al-Shoroogi, journalists - Bahrain: Charged, Legal Action

Samia al-Aghbari, journalist - Yemen: Insulted, Censored


Natalya Estemirova, journalist/activist - Chechnya, Russia: Murdered

Durna Safarli, Layla Ilgar, journalists - Azerbaijan: Harassed, Insulted

Latife Tekin, author - Turkey: assaulted and harassed

Leyla Zana, political spokesperson - Turkey: jailed for 10 years

Americas and Caribbean

María Esther Aguilar Cansimbe, journalist - Mexico: Disappeared

María de los Ángeles González Hernández, journalist - Mexico: Death threats

Lydia Cacho, journalist/writer - Mexico: Death threats, Harassment

María Eugenia Guerrero, former radio host - Colombia: Sexually assaulted, Murdered

Sylvia Gereda, Directora - Guatemala: threatened

Marielos Monzón, columnista - Guatemala: insulted

Marta Yolanda Díaz-Durán, columnista - Guatemala: charged with defamation

Carol Martindale, editor - Barbados: Threatened

Mabel Carrizo, journalist - Argentina: Death threats

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