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AMARC's global conference goes to South America in November

From 8 to 13 November, join hundreds of community broadcasters and stakeholders from around the world in La Plata, Argentina for the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters' (AMARC's) global conference, AMARC 10.

Among other topics, the 10th assembly will discuss how to: establish best practices in community media; create legal environments for community media development; develop content that will lead to social change; and get more women involved in the sector.

In the lead up to AMARC 10, you're also invited to participate in AMARC's electronic forums on challenges to community radio. Don't miss next week's discussion from 11 to 15 October moderated by Aleida Calleja on media development indicators.

AMARC 10 website

To sign up for the e-forums, click on "AMARC 10 FORUMS" in the right-hand column.

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