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Campaigners: Five reasons why you need the IFEX Campaign Toolkit

From how to write a winning fundraising proposal to getting celebrity endorsement, IFEX's (free!) Campaign Toolkit gives you all you need to develop and implement a powerful campaign strategy

Let's be honest, who doesn't want to organise an effective campaign? Every organisation – no matter its size, aim or budget – wants to be successful. That means setting goals, realising a vision for change and having an impact on peoples' lives.

The goals your organisation sets may be complex or challenging, from ending impunity to protecting and freeing political prisoners.

At IFEX, we've learned that by doing skillful, tactical and strategic campaigning – of the kind described in the IFEX Campaign Toolkit – we can reach those goals, force governments to act in less repressive ways, and become even more powerful agents of change.

Watch our video to see how our animated campaigners use the toolkit to get a free expression advocate out of jail:

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you need to check out the IFEX Campaign Toolkit today:

1) It’s free.

No registration required, no spam email – we promise!

2) It's easy to use.

Use the six guides: Build It, Fund It, Digitise It, Support It, Escalate It and Tell It in any order. The toolkit is available online, but you can also download PDFs of each guide separately, or even a PDF of the entire toolkit.

3) You'll learn how to build a successful campaign strategy.

In Build It, we will help you choose the activities that can best meet your objectives and align with your organisation's mission, and avoid rushing into activities that misuse time and resources.

4) You'll discover the best ways to finance your campaign.

Did you know the most important section of your proposal is your executive summary because donors rely on it to present the project to their colleagues? And that it should not be longer than a page? Get these tips and more, in Fund it.

5) You'll get inspired (we hope).

Running out of good ideas? Learn from our success stories, like, how IFEX members fundraise through awards galas, how others got celebrities like comedian Stephen Fry and novelist Monica Ali to help fight for libel reform on Twitter, and how IFEX-ALC at the UN Human Rights Council got Honduras to investigate journalists' murders.

What are you waiting for? Get the IFEX Campaign Toolkit and start building your successful campaign today!

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