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Journalists assaulted, injured while covering demonstration by opposition groups

(Adil Soz/IFEX) - On 14 April 2007, Aziz Egemberdiyev, a reporter for the news agency; Sanzhar Hamidov and Bobozhon Tuganov, a camera crew for the Russia-based television channel NTV; and Nina Gorshkova, a photojournalist for the newspaper "Slovo Kyrgyzstana", were all injured by protesters while covering an opposition demonstration in the central square of Bishkek, the capital city.

Egemberdiyev was taken to hospital with a brain concussion, head trauma and facial bruises, while Hamidov and Tuganov received light injuries to the body.

"I could not discern whether (the attackers) were demonstrators or provocateurs," said Hamidov.

The demonstration, which began on 11 April, was organized by the opposition political movements "United Front for a dignified future in Kyrgyzstan" and "For reforms".

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