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Protesting cab drivers attack photojournalist with bricks

(FNJ/IFEX) - On 2 July 2007, Bibhusanraj Shakya, a photojournalist with the Kathmandu-based daily newspaper "Rajdhani", was attacked by cab drivers at the Repumardini petrol pump run by the Nepali army, in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu.

According to photojournalist Bijaya Rai, Shakya was there to take a photograph of the road obstruction caused by cab drivers who were frustrated that they were not being supplied petrol. While he was capturing the tussle between police and the cab drivers, the latter suddenly attacked him with bricks, injuring him in the chest and breaking his digital camera.

The FNJ condemns the incident and urges the parties concerned to respect press freedom and the free flow of information. The FNJ also urges the government to identify the assilants and take appropriate action against them.

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