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Journalists leave their district after receiving death threats

(FNJ/IFEX) - Labadev Dhungana, the former district president of the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) in Panchthar, and Kumar Ojha, an FNJ member, have been displaced from the Panchthar district due to death threats issued by members of the Unified CPN Maoists party.

Dhungana and Ojha left for the Ilam district on 4 July 2009 citing security reasons. They said the Young Communist League, a sister organisation of the Unified CPN Maoists party, has repeatedly threatened to kill them over information published in the daily "Kantipur".

Dhungana and Ojha have also complained that they were compelled to leave their district because the local administration failed to provide them with protection. According to the journalists, on 3 June the local district police office in Panchthar district refused to register their complaint against those behind the threats.

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