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The shocking facts about the problem of impunity:


journalists and media workers have been killed since 2006.

9 out of 10 cases go unpunished and see perpetrators walk free.


organisations that make up the IFEX network are committed to ending impunity.

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Jineth Bedoya Lima: A Chronicle of Justice Delayed

Jineth Bedoya Lima is an award-winning investigative journalist and an advocate for the rights of women victims of violence in Colombia. Recognized for her reporting on the activities of Colombian paramilitaries, she was following up on a lead about alleged arms sales between paramilitaries and Colombian state officials at a maximum-security prison on 25 May 2000. Jineth was abducted from the prison, tortured, and sexually assaulted as a “message to the press”.

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No journalist anywhere should have to risk their life to report the news. Together, let us stand up for journalists – and stand up for justice.
—United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


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