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No Impunity Profiles

Case Profile

Kem Ley: Breaking down the façade of justice

On 10 July 2016, popular Cambodian activist and political commentator Kem Ley was gunned down, just two days after publicly criticizing the Hun Sen family for abusing its power to accumulate vast personal wealth. Although the gunman has been sentenced to life in prison many questions remain, including one glaring one: who ordered the killing of Kem Ley?

Case Profile

Musa Saidykhan and Ebrima Manneh: Justice Subverted by the State

In 2006, Gambian journalists Musa Saidykhan and Ebrima Manneh were separately arrested and detained by state agents in Banjul, Gambia. Saidykhan was subjected to brutal torture, while Manneh disappeared with little trace. The ECOWAS Community Court of Justice has issued judgements against the Gambia in both cases. To date, the Gambia has yet to comply with either ruling.

Case Profile

Shan Dahar: A family's fight for justice

On 1 January 2014, Pakistani journalist Shan Dahar was shot by armed men and taken to a local hospital where he remained unattended until he succumbed to his injuries. More than two years later, none of the perpetrators have been brought to justice.

Country Backgrounder

21 September 2017


With a general election looming in 2018, the Cambodian government has become increasingly hostile to dissent. Our No impunity country backgrounder looks at the escalating crackdown on activism and independent media in the country.
20 December 2016


Why is Pakistan one of the most dangerous environments in the world for journalists and human rights defenders?
20 December 2016


Over the past few decades, freedom of expression has been one of the many victims of Colombia's civil war. Our No Impunity profile details the long road to justice and new hopes under the peace agreement.
23 October 2016

The Gambia

After years of despotic rule, former president of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh, was ousted from power following a general election in December 2016. Our No Impunity profile examines the new environment for media and civil society and hopes for an end to impunity for past abuses.

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