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Journalist arrested and held without explanation

(ANHRI/IFEX) - The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information expressed its deep resentment that in the early morning of 18 October 2010, Israeli occupation forces raided the house of Raed el-Sherif, a journalist and presenter at Manbar el-Horriya radio channel. He was arrested and escorted to an undisclosed location without explanation.

Simultaneously, another group of soldiers raided the house of Hatem Qfeisha, a member of the Legislative Council of Change and Reform bloc. He was detained at an undisclosed location without explanation. This is not the first time that Qfeisha has been detained. He has previously served a two-year sentence in Israeli prisons and has been free for less than a year.

ANHRI said, "Israeli occupation forces are persistent in constructing illegitimate settlements on Palestinian land (. . .) For fear of being internationally exposed, Israel always attempts to gag Palestinian media that is following up on Israeli crimes by arresting and abusing Palestinian journalists."

ANHRI requests that the international community and stakeholders not keep silent regarding the Israeli assaults on Palestinian journalists, take a step forward to expose Israeli practices, and pressure Israel to stop harassing media workers.

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