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SPP concerned over threat against journalist

(SPP/IFEX) - The SPP board of directors expresses concern over a new report of a serious and grave threat against yet another journalist, in this case Rosendo Duarte, who is a correspondent for the "ABC Color" newspaper in the city of Salto del Guairá.

On 26 August 2010, Duarte reported the incident to SPP and to District Attorney Ramón Trinidad Zelaya, whose jurisdiction is Salto del Guairá, which is located on the border with Brazil, 500 km northeast of Asunción.

After announcing on a radio programme the details of a demonstration to protest against a lack of public safety, Duarte received a threatening telephone call. The caller warned Duarte to "watch his mouth, and his daughter and family." The threat was aired on Radio Tricolor 96.7's morning programme, which is hosted by Duarte.

This threat jeopardises the physical safety of Duarte and his family. SPP calls on local and state authorities to investigate the incident and use all legal means to stop the journalist from being threatened in this way again. SPP also calls for a guarantee of safety for all journalists in the area, which is necessary for them to continue to exercise their profession freely and without pressure.

SPP expresses its solidarity with Duarte and condemns any attempt to hinder press freedom and freedom of expression by people who put economic interests ahead of the safety and lives of others and their communities.

(Please note this is an abridged translation.)

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