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Police arrest another suspected hit-man in murder of journalist Miguel Pérez Julca

(RSF/IFEX) - A youth suspected of being one of the contract killers in the 17 March 2007 murder of journalist Miguel Pérez Julca was arrested on 25 April.

Police detained Dilber Cabada Arteaga, 18, as he was travelling on a motorcycle-taxi to Mesones Muro, in the north-western province of Ferreñafe, not far from where the murdered journalist's relatives live. When the police moved in to make the arrest, Cabada Arteaga tried to escape and then attacked the police officers, who used their weapons to subdue him.

Cabada Arteaga has reportedly confessed to being present when the killing was planned by the alleged instigator, Juan Hurtado Vásquez, and also when Hurtado Vásquez paid the equivalent of 1,150 euros to a contract killer who has not yet been identified. Cabada Arteaga also reportedly confessed that, a month before the killing, a woman called Elbia Mendoza gave him a motorcycle with no licence plate so that he and two other individuals could follow Pérez Julca.

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