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Two radio stations incite protesting peasants to attack journalist over coverage

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 31 July 2007, Radio Panorama journalist and correspondent for Ideele Radio, Ronald Ripa, stated to IPYS that after he reported about the violent protests of farmers in Andahuaylas, a city in southeastern Perú, two radio stations of the region have been inciting the locals to attack him by broadcasting audiotapes of his report and blaming him for the death of one of the protesters, alleging that it was this that prompted the arrival of more policemen in order to suppress the protest.

Ripa broadcast his report through Lima's Canal N television station in mid-July.

The stations that are urging the farmers to action are Radio La Karibeña and Radio Agricultura. The latter is located in the headquarters of Apurímac?s Agrarian Federation, the union that organized the protest. According to Ripa, both stations accuse him of being an "infiltrator" and a "traitor". The journalist fears for his safety.

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