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Journalists receive death threats after investigating official for corruption in Huaraz

(IPYS/IFEX) - On the night of 2 August 2007, "Eco de Ancash" magazine journalist, Henry Barreto Palma, was intimidated when a car tried to run him over near his house in Huaraz, northwestern Peru. Someone within the vehicle shouted out a death threat at the journalist.

The journalist suspects that the event may be linked to his coverage of Giovanne Villareal Salome, an official in the National Fund for Development Cooperation (FONCODES), whom he investigated because he was receiving two paychecks as a state employee, something that is forbidden.

A day later, Barreto was being interviewed by Radio Miramar journalist Marcelino Sánchez Oliva when they received a death threat by telephone, demanding that they stop commenting on the official's case.

Both journalists have asked the local government for protection.

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