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Congress member's sister files defamation complaint against journalist

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 20 August 2007, lawyer Tica Luizar Obregón, sister of Congressman Oswaldo Luizar Obregón, filed a defamation complaint against journalist Yrma Zela Vera, of the Cusco-based "Correo" newspaper. On 13 April, Zela reported that the lawyer had threatened police officers at the police station in San Sebastián, Cusco, southern Peru.

According to Zela's article, on 11 April the lawyer's son was detained by police because his car was not insured against accidents. Luizar threatened the police, saying she would use her brother's influence to have them sanctioned.

The journalist based her piece on the police report that describes the lawyer's attitude. Luizar sent a letter to the newspaper after the article appeared. Her letter was published.

The case is being heard by Cusco's Second Criminal Court.

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