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Radio journalist assaulted, threatened by football player in Cusco

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 14 May 2008, journalist Sandro Salcedo Domínguez, director and host of Radio Santa Mónica's programme "Tribuna del Pueblo", was beaten and threatened with death by Néstor Candia Torres, a football player for the Cusco team Cienzano, over a comment the journalist made about a theft that took place at the club's headquarters in Cusco, southeastern Peru. Candia was alleged to have been involved in the theft.

The attack took place as the journalist was leaving the radio station after his programme. Before he could enter a friend's car, the football player and two other men blocked his way, beat him and threatened to kill him if he mentioned the topic on his programme again.

Salcedo asked the Cusco local government to protect him.

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