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Journalist stabbed after making allegations against mayor

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 31 March 2010, journalist Ronald Escobar Alegría, director of the program "Vox Populi", broadcast by the radio station of the same name, was attacked with a knife by Ana Cecilia Loayza Rodríguez, an employee of the Provincial Municipality of Urubamba, who, together with other municipal employees, rebuked him for his criticisms of the mayor, Benicio Ríos Ocsa. The incident occurred in Urubamba, Cusco region, in southern Peru.

The journalist told IPYS that he had been reporting on alleged acts of corruption in which Ríos was involved. The mayor offered him US$5,000 to change his reporting. According to Escobar, he did not accept the bribe, so the mayor offered to advertise on his program and pay him US$700. The journalist also refused this and therefore, he maintains, he was attacked.

Loayza is the director of an education program of the Municipality of Urubamba. After stabbing the journalist she threatened to kill him.

The incident has been reported to the police for investigation.

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