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Magazine editor and TV programme director targeted

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 29 June 2011, Benedicto Jiménez, editor of the magazine "Juez Justo" and director of the "Juez Justo" TV programme broadcast on Lima's RBC Canal 11, was the apparent target of an attack. Unidentified individuals blew up a van that belonged to the TV station. The incident occurred, in Lima, Peru's capital city. A security camera placed outside the station recorded the explosion, which was caused by a homemade Molotov bomb.

Both the TV programme and the magazine are focused on the investigation and denunciation of corruption.

Jiménez, a former police colonel, suspects the attack is linked to his investigations into land speculation in Pachacámac, south of Lima, and into the heir of the Yerbateros abattoir, Giovanni Paredes. Speaking to the press, Paredes has denied any involvement in the attack.

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