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Huaraz journalist receives death threat

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 8 August 2011, Humberto Espinoza Maguiña, news editor for Radio Ancash and the newspaper "Prensa Regional", both based in Huaraz, received a death threat in an envelope that contained a note and a bullet. The incident occurred in Ancash region, northeastern Peru.

Espinoza found the envelope in his parents' home. The note stated that even if he believed himself to be "in the right" if he continued issuing his journalistic reports the bullet would strike him in the head.

The journalist told IPYS that the threat is linked to his investigations and criticisms of the regional government, the judiciary and the Public Prosecutor's Office. He has filed a formal complaint with the police and the matter is under investigation.

IPYS condemns the threat against Espinoza.

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