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Website editor receives death threats

(CJES/IFEX) - Rosa Malsagova, editor-in-chief of the website , has decided to leave her post because of "threats made to her by militants," the site said in a message to its readers.

Malsagova confirmed her decision on Ekho Moskvy radio. The journalist said she has been receiving many threats by email and the "last straw" which led to her decision was an item entitled "Mujahedeen Address to Rosa Malsagova," which was recently published on a militant site.

According to the article, the main problem militants have with Malsagova is her "open flattery and praise of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov and her support of the policies of the pro-Kremlin administration of Ingushetia." The authors of the article are threatening to kill Malsagova if her behavior does not change.

Malsagova earlier asked for political asylum in France. The site will continue working until her replacement is appointed (the site will be led by a group of reporters). Malsagova's colleagues supported her decision.

In the meantime, the Ingush authorities have repeatedly accused Malsagova of being too pro-opposition, and the site is considered an opposition site.

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