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ANHRI condemns targeting of pro-revolution artists

(ANHRI/IFEX) - Cairo, 28 September 2011 - ANHRI condemns the ongoing targeting of Syrian pro-revolution artists and their families by President Bashar Al-Assad's forces. This ongoing assault is aimed at terrorizing them and preventing them from participating in the Syrian people's revolution, which has been calling for the ousting of the regime that sheds the blood of its people and uses the most atrocious methods of murder, torture, arrest and defamation in order to put an end to the uprising against injustice and corruption.

Assala and "If only this chair could speak"

Syrian singer Assala has been targeted in defamation campaigns launched by a group of pro-government hackers known as the Syrian Electronic Army since she released a song criticizing Al-Assad entitled, "If only this chair could speak". Since the song was released in early September, several videos attacking her have been uploaded on YouTube.

Malek Jandali

Syrian musician Malek Jandali lives in the USA, but in July, in an attempt to terrorize him, assailants stormed and robbed his house in Syria and assaulted his family members. "Three men beat me and my wife severely, resulting in severe injuries to our faces. Thank God they did not kill us. They told me it was a lesson for me to learn how to up bring my son," said Dr. Mamoun Al Jandali, Malek's father.

May Skaf

The actress May Skaf participated in demonstrations calling for sanctions and the prosecution of those who committed crimes against the Syrian people in fair and public trials, as well as allowing Arab, international and independent media to freely cover the events taking place in the country. She was then detained on 13 July for three days and reports that she was severely beaten inside the prison by Criminal Security forces. On the day of her release, she was assaulted by Assad supporters and sought refuge at a relative's home.

Muna Wassef and others

In May, the actress Muna Wassef asked more than 20 Syrian TV production companies to strip her of the Syrian Order of Merit, which Al-Assad had bestowed upon her. In a separate case involving the targeting of a pro-revolution artist, actress Kinda Alloush has been facing a widespread defamation campaign in which she has been accused of treason. She was also dismissed from the TV series "Al-Dabbour". In another case, following his expressed support for the revolutionaries, actor Jamal Suleiman was brutally assaulted by pro-Assad individuals. Furthermore, internationally-known cartoonist Ali Farzat was severely beaten on 25 August by masked persons and was dumped on the road to the airport.

"The international community must intervene to stop the forces of the Syrian dictator from stalking and assaulting pro-revolution people, and to stop defaming them, as they have every right to announce their support for the uprising of their own people. We condemn the ongoing violence and defamation campaigns led by the Syrian security authorities against the opposing artists," said ANHRI.

ANHRI calls on all Arab artists to express their support for the Syrian people and the Syrian pro-revolution artists who support the right of Syrians to choose who rules them. ANHRI also calls for the launch of campaigns supporting Syrians against Al-Assad.

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