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Video: Rami Jarrah on the rise of citizen journalism in Syria

Citizen journalist Rami Jarrah talks about why he risked his life to document a brutal government crackdown in Syria

Using the pseudonym Alexander Page, citizen journalist Rami Jarrah quickly became known for his daring, on-the-ground footage and the frequent testimonies he provided to international media outlets on the Syrian uprising. But he was forced to flee the country last fall when his alias was leaked to the Syrian authorities.

Since the conflict started in March 2011, Syrians have faced incredible difficulties getting their stories out to the rest of the world. Today, the country is the most dangerous place in the world for the press. With local journalists targeted for their work and international media denied entry to the country, citizen journalists like Jarrah have become the main source of news and information out of Syria.

And they have paid the price. According to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), at least 44 citizen journalists have been killed in connection with their work since the start of the conflict. Today, Syria is the most dangerous place in the world for the press.

Jarrah is currently based in Cairo, where he has founded ANA News Media Association, a network working to support the safety and reporting of citizen media in Syria.

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) recently awarded Jarrah with an International Press Freedom Award for his courage and commitment to reporting on Syria. View CJFE's video honouring Rami and his story above.

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