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IFEX-TMG Conference on Freedom of Expression in Tunisia to be held in December

Please find below the agenda of the forthcoming IFEX-TMG Conference on Freedom of Expression in Tunisia to be held in Tunis, at the Mechtel Hotel, on 12 and 13 December.

This is an open conference, so please feel free and welcome to join and circulate.

We look forward to seeing you,
Virginie Jouan (WAN-IFRA), project leader


12 and 13 December 2011
Hotel El Mechtel, Avenue Ouled Hafouz El Omrane, Tunis, Tunisia


12 December 2011

13h30 – 14h00 Registrations

14h00 – 14h15 Opening speech by Rohan Jayasekera, Index on Censorship and IFEX-TMG Chair

14h15 – 15h45 PANEL I
Media legal and institutional framework: State of affairs eleven months after the end of the dictatorship, assessing the stakes and imperatives.

- Mustafa Ben Letaief, Law faculty professor and member of the experts committee of the High Instance for the Realisation of the Objectives of the Revolution
- Steve Buckley, Expert en droits et développement des médias et ancien Président de l'Association mondiale des radiodiffuseurs communautaires (AMARC)
- Riadh Ferjani, PhD in Information and Communication Science, Assistant professor at Manouba University, Researcher at CARISM-Paris II University
- Hichem Snoussi, Lawyer and and representative of ARTICLE in Tunisia

Moderation: Anouar Kousri, Lawyer and Member of the Tunisian League for Human Rights (LTDH)

15h45 – 16h15 Coffee break

16h15 – 17h45 PANEL II
Political act and fundamental law: What constitutional guarantees for freedom of expression, the independence of media and the judiciary, and for free access to information?

- Lotfi Azzouz, Director, Amnesty International, Tunisian section
- Néji Bghouri, Journalist and member of the National Authority to Reform Information and Communication (INRIC)
- Abdel Khalek Boujnah, Member of the Executive committee of the Association of Tunisian Judges (AMT)
- Ghazi Gherairi, General Secretary of the International Academy of Constitutional Law and former spokesperson of the High Instance for the Realisation of the Objectives of the Revolution
- Judge Kalthoum Kennou, President of Association of Tunisian Judges (AMT)

Moderation: Rachida Ennaifer, Constitutional law researcher, Tunis University, and Vice president of the Tunis Centre of Constitutional Law for Democracy

13 December 2011

09h30 – 11h00 PANEL III
Broadcast media: Examining the independent broadcasting regulatory authority, prospects for public service, new private and community broadcasters, the issue of monopolies

- Tahar Bel Hassine, Director of TV channel El Hiwar Ettounsi
- Sihem Bensedrine, Founder of Radio Kalima and Secretary General of the Observatory for the Freedom of Press, Publishing and Creation (OLPEC)
- Bassem Bounenni, Journalist, Al Jazeera
- Amel Chahed, lawyer and TV programme anchor, Tunisian National Television
- Salah Fourti, General Secretary, Tunisian Syndicate of Free Radios (STRL)

Moderation: Anthony Mills, Press Freedom Director, International Press Institute (IPI)

11h00 – 11h30 Coffee break

11h30 – 13h00 PANEL IV
The press: Editorial independence, ethics, self-regulation, access to the profession, representation of journalists and of editors, printing and distribution, indirect subsidies to support the development of the sector

- Fahem Boukadous, Director of the Tunisia Centre for Freedom of the Press
- Salma Jelassi, Member of the executive committee of the National Syndicate of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT)
- Youssef Oueslati, Chief editor of the weekly Earraya and Chair of the Syndicate of independent and partisan media

Moderation: Zine Cherfaoui, Chief editor of the daily El Watan, Algeria, representing the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA)

13h00 – 14h15 Lunch

14h15 – 15h45 PANEL V
Internet: Dismantling of censorship, self-regulation, protection of cyber-activists, promoting digital culture

- Slim Amamou, blogger
- Lina Ben Mhenni, blogger, A Tunisian Girl
- Hassen Hajbi, blogger
- Issam Heni, blogger
- Mina Mamdouh, Internet researcher, Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI)
- Hana Trabelsi, blogger

Moderation: Riadh Guerfali, co-founder and co-administrator of the participative website Nawaat

15h45 – 16h15 Coffee break

16h15 – 17h30 PANEL VI
Medias and the democratic transition: Trends and challenges

- Sana Ben Achour, Member of the Tunisian Association of Women Democrats (ATFD) and leader of a media monitoring civil society coalition
- Abdelkarim Hizaoui, General Director of the African Further Training Centre for Journalists and Communicators (CAPJC)

Moderation: Larbi Chouikha, Professor at the Press and Information Sciences Institute (IPSI)

17h30 – 17h45
Synthesis of recommendations by Zine Cherfaoui, representing WAN-IFRA

17h30 – 17h45 Closing speech by Naziha Rejiba, Writer and President of Pen Tunisia

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