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ANHRI and Tunisian Centre for Freedom of the Press conclude first training workshop on Internet serving freedom of expression

(ANHRI/IFEX-TMG) - 19 March 2012 - Cairo/Tunis - In cooperation, both ANHRI and Tunisian Centre for Freedom of the Press concluded their first workshop held in Gafsa, Tunisia between 16 to 17 March 2012. The workshop titled “Internet serving freedom of expression” comes within the framework of a series of workshops to be held in the coming period in cities outside the capital of Tunisia as part of the project of the IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group (IFEX-TMG).

The workshop, which was held over two days in Gafsa, included practical training on new media and social networks (face book, Twitter and Flicker) and techniques of live broadcasts using the mobile in addition to using internet to design campaigns. The last part of the workshop was on international conventions and treaties and the most important laws that protect the freedom of opinion expression.

15 trainees between 18 and 25 years old from Gafsa participated in the workshop that was facilitated by Wael Abbas, Egyptian Journalist Blogger, Mina Mamdouh, Egyptian Researcher at ANHRI, Ramsey George from Tactical Tech and a Jordanian expert in new media at Habr Organization, and AbdulKarim El Hizawi, Director of African Centre for Training Journalists and Communicators in Tunisia.

"This training has opened the doors of the new media for young people need more than anyone else to defend freedom of expression as they suffer various types of social and political exclusions especially in the interior areas as well as media blackout," said Fahem Boukadous, the training program coordinator at Tunisian Centre for Freedom of the Press. Boukadous added, "The training was a step forward to push more the idea of defending human rights and fundamental freedoms through the use of new media."

Sara Sabri, the training program coordinator at ANHRI, said: "The training was a great opportunity to work on increasing the area of freedom of expression in Tunisia using new media. In the near future we will target remote areas from the capital to refine the capabilities of marginalised youth and support for the expression through cyberspace."

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