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Timeline: From dictatorship to democracy in Tunisia

Tunisia caught the attention of IFEX members when it won the bid to host a major UN Internet forum in 2005. The hypocrisy of a country with one of the most pervasive systems of Internet censorship in the world hosting a gathering of thousands of people to talk about open communications was too much to ignore, and the IFEX Tunisia Monitoring Group (IFEX-TMG) was born.

IFEX-TMG was active in monitoring free expression violations in Tunisia and lobbying for action for many years before the 2011 revolution. Now, as the IFEX-TMG project wraps up after eight years of campaigning by the coalition, IFEX members continue to work on the ground with local partners to press for media freedom guarantees.

Click on the timeline below to see the major milestones in the life of the IFEX-TMG campaign.

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Kristina Stockwood managed the IFEX-TMG project. She is currently IFEX’s Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator.

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