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Publisher acquitted, still faces 12 trials

(BIANET/IFEX) - Fatih Taş from Aram Publishing was acquitted in the case regarding the publishing of the book entitled "The water of Avaşin is blue" ('Mavidir Avaşin'in Suları'). Taş stood accused of "spreading propaganda for the PKK", the militant Kurdistan Workers' Party.

In the hearing on 9 March 2010, the Istanbul 9th High Criminal Court concluded that Taş did not commit a criminal offence. At the same time, the prosecutor claimed to drop the case by prescription. Taş did not attend the hearing.

The publisher was facing up to 7.5 years' imprisonment under article 7/2 of the Anti-Terror Act on the grounds of the book written by Selçuk Şahan. However, another twelve trials are pending against Taş.

Taş was acquitted in the case about his book entitled "Our language is our existence-Our language is our culture" (Dilimiz Varlığımız-Dilimiz Kültürümüzdür'). In the trial about "33 Days in the storm" ('Tufanda 33 gün') Taş was handed down a ten month prison sentence. He furthermore received a TL 7,782 (€ 3,700) monetary fine for his book "Signs to Ammar" ('Ammar işaretleri'). Both latter cases are pending at the Court of Appeals.

The publisher had to pay a TL 996 (€ 475) monetary fine decreed by the Istanbul 9th High Criminal Court according to article 7/2 of the TMY in relation to the book "Gulen Azadiye".

Taş was charged with "humiliating state institutions" because of the book "They say you are missing" ('Kayıpsın diyorlar'). Applying article 301 of the Turkish Criminal Code (TCK), the Istanbul 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance sentenced the publisher to a TL 650 (€ 319) monetary fine on 4 November 2008. The case is pending at the Court of Appeals.

The Beyoğlu (Istanbul) 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance had to drop a case related to Taş's books "The love crazed one from the mountain" ('Dağın Mecnunu') and "Memories of a footpath guerrilla 4" ('Patika Gerilla Anıları 4') because the Ministry of Justice did not give them permission to do so.

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