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Journalist assaulted by parliamentarian

(GDF/IFEX) - In an incident in Zhitomir, parliamentarian Oleg Cherpitsky assaulted Alexei Vasilevich, editor of the newspaper "Skandalny Zhitomir" and head of the regional public organisation Bdzhola. Cherpitsky ran into Vasilevich in a parking lot near a shopping mall, began to threaten him, and finally punched him several times in the face.

"I could smell the alcohol coming from Cherpitsky as he came up to me, punched me in the face and threatened to kill me," Vasilevich recalled.

He suffered a concussion and numerous bruises. The Bogunsky District police in Zhitomir are investigating the incident.

Vasilevich says he is sure the attack was linked to his professional activities as he has often published stories criticising Cherpitsky's parliamentary performance.

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