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Provincial journalist who was the victim of a beating may have been targeted for his work

(IMI/IFEX) – Boris Braguinskiy, a journalist with the television programme "Provincial Chronicles" on Channel 9 in Dnipropetrovsk, suffered a beating on 12 April 2010, according to the UNIAN press agency.

Braguinskiy reported that an unidentified man was waiting for him outside the television studios. When Braguinskiy approached the man, the man jumped him, hitting him in the face before knocking him to the ground where he continued kicking him. The assailant finally left.

Braguinskiy believes the man may have been contracted to attack him: "I think the incident is related to my work as a journalist. I'm not one for affairs and generally try to avoid conflict of any kind. But 'Provincial Chronicles' is an analytical programme which deals with serious issues and it is quite possible that some people may not like that," he said.

The reporter added that his assailant was very "methodical" in his attack, being careful to avoid any vital organs.

Local police have opened an investigation into the incident, according to Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Investigators have assured the public that "all means necessary to identify and apprehend the delinquent have been employed."

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