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Four television reporters attacked in two separate incidents

(IMI/IFEX) – Two journalists with Channel 9 in Dniepropetrovsk and two others from the national television station 1+1 were attacked in separate incidents on 30 April 2010, according to the Novyy Most news agency.

Reporter Hanna Mandrykine and cameraman Vernygora Oleksandre of Channel 9 were filming a report in a building belonging to the mining plant Pivdennyy, in Kyviy Rigue, when two individuals who were likely security guards suddenly turned on them, breaking their camera.

The same day at the Pivdennyy offices, two other journalists suffered a similar attack. Reporter Chvorak Olena and an unnamed cameraman had come to the office to interview the head of the plant when they were attacked by two individuals as they made their way up the front stairs. Their camera was broken in the scuffle. The journalists immediately left the scene and filed a complaint with the police.

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