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Newspaper photographer murdered in Kiev

(IMI/IFEX) - On 28 November, 29-year-old photographer Vitaly Rozwadowskiy, who worked for the weekly "2000", was killed in Kiev. He received numerous stab wounds to the head and died from blood loss. A criminal investigation into the case has been opened.

Deputy Interior Minister Vasyl Farynnyk told journalists that Rozwadowskiy's murder was most likely a "domestic" case and not related to his professional activities. A suspect in the murder, who also received a knife wound and delivered Rozwadowskiy to the hospital, was arrested by police the same day.

A spokesperson from "2000" offices said the paper does connect Rozwadowskiy's murder to his work.

"Based on information we have received, our photographer's death is not connected with the performance of his professional duties; it was a tragic accident. We continue to conduct our own investigation, however, and will release the results at a later date," said the spokesperson.
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