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After seven and a half years, MediaChannel.Org (, the United States-based media monitoring network, is threatening to close its doors because of lack of funds.

The website is asking for 1,500 readers to each give $25 by 30 June - enough to keep the site going for another three months.

The independent site, mainly funded by reader and member donations, does not have sufficient resources to support its small staff and pay its rent, server fees and utilities. "The ultimate irony is that MediaChannel has never been better," says co-founder Danny Schechter. "Is traffic is up and its impact strong." The website has featured coverage on how the U.S. mainstream media led the country into the Iraq war, and hosts news by bloggers from around the world - including Riverbend, a young Iraqi woman who writes about conditions in the country after the war.

Send a cheque to MediaChannel's fiscal sponsor:
The Global Center
575 Eighth Avenue, Suite 2200
New York, New York, U.S.
Or click here to donate online:

If you have ideas or suggestions, email: [email protected]

(12 June 2007)

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