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Journalist wounded by explosion, cameraman assaulted by opponents of constitutional reform proposed by President Chávez

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 25 October 2007, Ávila TV television station journalist Paulina Moreno was wounded by an explosive device while she was covering a forum about the constitutional reform proposed by President Hugo Chávez, held at the Caracas Pedagogical Institute. The constitutional proposal will be voted on in a national referendum in December. Ávila TV belongs to the Caracas municipal council and is considered pro-government in its editorial line.

The station's director, José Manuel Iglesias, reported that the device exploded near the reporter's hips, wounding her in the legs and causing temporary blindness and deafness. A cameraman who works for the same station was beaten and sprayed with insecticide by people who oppose the reform. Both are out of danger.

The forum was suspended because of the violent actions.

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