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Protestors assault journalists in Valencia

(IPYS/IFEX) - On 12 February 2008, a group of reporters was assaulted by a crowd of protesters that burst into the State of Carabobo's Legislative Council in the town of Valencia, central Venezuela. The demonstrators were interrupting the Council session to demand that the legislators approve the granting of credit for the construction of homes.

Those journalists assaulted were: camera operator Herbigio Henríquez, of RCTV Internacional television station; journalist María Teresa Guedes, of the newspaper "La Calle"; photographer Clemente Espinoza, of the newspaper "El Carabobeño"; and camera operator Gregory Ortega, of DAT Television.

Rosales told IPYS that one of the demonstrators hit Henríquez in the face, causing his camera to fall to the ground. Guedes attempted to protect Henríquez but another demonstrator attempted to hit her and threatened to kill her. Espinoza and Ortega were also assaulted.

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