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Journalist's contract revoked for political reasons

(IPYS-Venezuela/IFEX) - On 31 August 2010, journalist Rosa Virginia Garrido was fired from the position she occupied in the Yaracuy State Legislative Council press office, in northwestern Venezuela. The journalist stated that her dismissal was a form of political reprisal.

Garrido told IPYS that the measure was taken because of her work as a member of the National Journalists' Association (CPN) Disciplinary Tribunal, where she had complained about the situation of freedom of expression in the State of Yaracuy several times.

The journalist explained that on 31 August she received a letter notifying her that her contract with the Legislative Council had come to an end. The letter claimed that other staff had also been let go because the institution's budget was limited. However, the journalist reported that on the same day another person had already occupied her position.

She also reported that on 30 August her case had been discussed at the Regional Cabinet meeting, during which it was said that if the journalist continued to "bother" them with her statements, the best thing would be to dispense with her.

During the previous week, the state Government Communication and Information Secretary, Nibean Corona, had called Garrido, urging her to resign because "she could not play for both sides", meaning the government and the opposition.

IPYS Venezuela condemns these political measures that go against impartiality in the defence of freedom of expression.

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