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Follow @IFEXALC at the UN's Universal Periodic Review of Venezuela

IFEX's contingent of 17 Latin American and Caribbean (ALC) freedom of expression organisations is calling on supporters to tune in to their coverage of the United Nation Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Venezuela by reading IFEX-ALC's live blog and following @IFEXALC on Twitter and encouraging others to do the same.

The UPR will take place on 7 October and IFEX-ALC will be live-tweeting the event and blogging, while also releasing reports and statements in the days leading up to and following the UPR.

You can watch a video about press freedom in Venezuela below.

Among other recommendations, IFEX-ALC will be calling on the Human Rights Council to demand Venezuela amend laws that criminalise insult and promote censorship.

The IFEX-ALC delegation also asks other IFEX members and Latin American and Caribbean rights organisations to release any statements or facts that can aid IFEX-ALC's mission to ensure accountability and accuracy throughout the UPR process.

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